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CardioFlo - Revolution in Treating Heart Ailments!

Published in "The International Malayalee"

Ayurvedic preparation set to revolutionise cardiac care

According to a WHO report, India will have half a million heart patients by 2010; by 2015, Heart disease will replace infectious diseases as a major killer and nearly half of India’s population will suffer from heart ailments by 2025.

But the heartening news is that Dr.Antony Joseph’s Ayurvedic preparation CardioFlo, is all set to change this scenario and make cardiac ailments, a malady of the past!

CardioFlo appears to be the revolution of the times in cardiac care. The 300 mg herbal capsule, the invention of Ayurvedic physician Dr. Joseph, promises 100% cure for all heart and related ailments including angina, coronary blockages, hypertension, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, valvular malfunctions and even hereditary heart conditions, as evidenced by 25 years of research, 15 years of tests and trials on over 10,000 patients.

Wing Commander Sunder had undergone a bypass surgery in April 1997. In December 2002 he was advised another bypass surgery by his cardiologist at a military hospital. Fortunately for him, at his brother’s suggestion, he decided to try CardioFlo. Seven months of treatment with CardioFlo, followed by a 2 D Echocardiogram at the same military hospital revealed Sunder needed no surgical intervention. While there were no blockages, the Ejection Fraction of his heart which had earlier been a mere 35%, had increased to 68%. Sunder was back to his normal activities. Now, three years down the line, Sunder takes one dose of CardioFlo per day for three months in winter, to keep his heart and body toned up.

Prof.Y.K.Bhushan, Senior Advisor, ICFAI Business School, had a history of bypass in 1989 and two angioplasties. Thanks to CardioFlo, today his heart has a normal pumping rate of 57% in keeping with his 70 plus years and he is able to walk for at least half an hour every morning.

A 17 day old girl has had a miraculous lease of life with CardioFlo. Born a “Blue Baby”, with a hole in her heart, she was administered CardioFlo directly and also indirectly through its mother’s milk.

Says a humble Dr.Joseph, “Our aim is to disprove the WHO predictions through our wonder medicine CardioFlo and not only alleviate cardiac and related problems in mankind, but also prevent them from happening in the first place.

Patented to be marketed in 172 countries across the world under International Publication No.PCT WO 2004/089385 A3, CardioFlo is an Ayurvedic nutritional preparation used as a prophylactic for cardiac ailments and for increasing cardiac muscle tonicity. The chief ingredient used are nuts from the plants belonging to the Anacardiacieae family, Allium Sativum Linn (commonly known as garlic) & Zingiber Officinale Rosc (ginger in common terminology). The toxins and irritants from the nuts are removed or deactivated before the oil is extracted from the nuts. The formulation is prepared with the filtered nut oil extract and an extract of garlic and ginger in castor oil base.

Manufactured by Arose Herbals, the 300 mg soft gelatin capsules are non invasive, patient friendly, affordable and have a high success rate. Dr.Antony Joseph, inventor of the drug answers questions pertaining to the potentials and efficacy of the drug.

What is the basis on which you founded your invention?
Dr.Antony: No Ayurvedic physician has tried to enter into this field so far, to treat cardiac ailments. When I talk of herbal cardiology, I see the cardiac function in a very simplified way. I see the heart as a myogenic organ, performing the function of a pump. And this pump has to be kept lubricated so as to perform its function efficiently. The various structures comprising the heart have to be nourished in the right manner so as to enable the heart function normally. So I have given due importance to this aspect by adding those herbal components in my preparation that will sufficiently lubricate the heart and nourish its tissues.

When we view the heart as a pump, how does a pump function? When a pump functions without water, it is definitely going to burn out! The heart as a pump, is continuously flooded with blood. So essentially other than pumping blood, the heart does not perform any other function. So why is invasive therapy required? That was my core question when I began this research! All that the heart needs to function normally is nourishment and lubrication!

Even if you look at the history of Ayurveda, Sushruta, the Father of Surgery, has not once mentioned surgical intervention for heart ailments, whereas he stated all other surgical interventions in the body, including the eyes and ears. He never uttered a word about cardiac surgery. Which implies that he was fully confident, even in those times, that such intervention is not at all required for the heart!

I believe that no one can treat the heart separately or for that matter, any human organ, separately. Holistic approach is a must to prove that it is inter-related and inter-dependent. Any invasive procedure is only a temporary measure which is bound to surface again after some years. 2nd and 3rd time surgeries are difficult, more risky and with not very good results. But the condition is certainly reversed with CardioFlo – it is both cost effective and painless, causing no discomfort to the patients and very cheap vis-à-vis modern medicine or surgical intervention!

But are there not already other Ayurvedic medicines to treat heart conditions?
Dr.Antony: True. There are several Ayurvedic preparations in use for the treatment of heart ailments and as a prophylactic for cardiac care. But these are all very selectively effective.

So how did you strike upon this combination of components in CardioFlo and how is this different from the presently existing medicines for the heart?
By studying the character of the particular fibres in the heart, we tried to select certain herbs to nourish these fibres and have succeeded in doing so. Here, I’m not treating only the heart; we are treating holistically. I’m sure that no heart treatment on earth cannot go untreated or become unsuccessful because the heart is supported by so many organs and if I can improve the nourishment of these organs, I can treat the heart. This is my basic argument.

CardioFlo has components which enable detoxification of the body, ensure good quality of blood with greater oxygenation of it. The drug improves the functions of all the other organs of the body as well besides that of the heart. We can call this combination as a Sanjeevini since it acts on the basic elements. Above all, CardioFlo describes for the first time, a formulation for a complete Ayurvedic preparation, made essentially from nuts of plants belonging to the genus anacardiaciae, for revitalizing the human body. The preparation enhances the tonicity of the heart muscles, increases the production of blood by the marrow, reduces occlusion of arteries, improves myocardial blood flow and prevents cardiac ailments of whatever nature.

Would you elaborate a little more on the specific cardiac disorders do you treat with CardioFlo?
As such, we have been treating all rejected cases in cardiology – either because patients are unfit or unwilling for surgical interventions or cannot afford the high costs involved therein. Patients with multiple blocks following angiography have been treated successfully by CardioFlo besides patients with low heart ejection fraction. In a given time, under given conditions, our heart should pump a certain minimum amount of blood, in keeping with the age of an individual. Suppose the heart cannot pump this minimum requirement of blood, one will have all the associated symptoms of breathlessness, suffocation, angina, weakness in the limbs and restlessness. The energy level of the body goes down and activities of routine become strenuous. When the heart has a low ejection fraction, these are the symptoms. CardioFlo improves the ejection fractions within a period of one or more months as per the condition of the patients.

Within a period of one month, patients will achieve a tremendous transformation of their condition. They will start feeling energetic, be able to walk, work, climb stairs and do their normal routine activities. This kind of confidence that a patient gets with our medicine is especially very high in patients who are severely cardiac distressed or deteriorating. If I can treat hospital-rejected cases, then I can treat all the cardiac conditions!

Ischemic heart disease (IHD), valvular heart disease can be treated. There is no need to go in for invasive techniques like valve replacement. Valves are fitted in a particular muscle and therefore they work as per the flow of the heart. When these muscles harden, the valve will not work. Muscles harden because they are not adequately or properly nourished. Once patients are treated with CardioFlow, the muscles get the necessary nourishment and gradually the valves start functioning. So valvular disorder can not only be treated, but also prevented from happening in the first place.

We have also proved that a heart attack or myocardial infarction causes certain scarring on the myocardium. There is no treatment in allopathy to reverse this scar which is composed of dead cells. However, with CardioFlo, even the scarring so caused by a heart attack is made to disappear. Which implies that a regenerative process is happening as a result of this medicine which provides the necessary nourishment for the myocardium.

We treat all levels of cardiac conditions including genetic disorders. My smallest patient is a 17 day old baby and the oldest is a 100 year old man. This baby was having a valvular disorder and a hole in the heart. The good and the bad blood mixed resulting in a blue baby. The immune power of such babies is very low. They will be subject to constant cold, cough, fever and a poorly functioning digestive system. In this instance, I have successfully used CardioFlo on both baby and mother, to treat the baby. The blue baby was maintained within 3 months of therapy. The child was given two drops of the medicine and the mother was given 10 drops it, both in the morning and evening. The child recently celebrated its first birthday!

Do you mean you closed the hole in the baby’s heart entirely with this medicine?
Dr.Antony: Yes. ASD was the problem (Aortic Septal Defect) the baby had. When we began the baby on this medicine, the blueness began getting reduced over a period of time and in a month’s time, the baby was fine with the blueness gone. So when we can treat such a genetic disorder, a valvular disorder, we can improve any other condition!

You claim that any kind of heart condition is not only preventable and treatable, but also reversible. Is this true for blockages of cardiac blood vessels, even if they are multiple blocks and to the extent of 100%!
Dr.Antony: Valvular problems or IHD, which is usually happening over a period of 10 to 15 years, we are gradually reversing these conditions in a period of two years. And that is a big achievement since no invasive technique has been able to achieve this. And contrary to conventional treatment including surgery, our patients are kept mobile and sufficiently active through the period of medication! Also, we do not impose any kind of dietic or other restrictions on them while they are on this medication. We ask the patients to do whatever activity they can; we never keep the patient idle or in bed rest.

Most of our patients become normal, symptomatically, in a matter of about 15 days. This transformation cannot be created by any other medicine.

When a patient is having even 100% block and multiple blocks, the medicine works wonders! Let me give you this example of one of my patients, a 36 year old. This is his angiography report from Leelavati Hospital, Bombay where he was initially being treated. He had multiple blocks of 100%, 95%, 60%. His Ejection Fraction was only 40% and he could not pursue his normal activities. A 2D Echo study was also done on him which revealed there was only 42% blood supply and all his valves and heart chambers were found to be abnormal. A lipid profile test was also done which showed a high levels of LDL (Low Density Lipids or bad cholesterol) & triglyceride and low levels of HDL (High Density Lipids or good cholesterol). He was also found to be a borderline diabetic. We treated this patient for 90 days with CardioFlo. Within a month, he became significantly normal in terms of all these cardiac and lipid parameters. He began to walk and work after a month. After 90 days of treatment with CardioFlow, I sent him for a 2D Echo, not for another angiography. It proved all the parameters had become normal and very much within permissible limits. He began to have a normal ejection fraction. Even the blood sugar level was maintained normally! This 90 day achievement on a patient with such conditions, cannot be accomplished by any modern science treatment – invasive or otherwise, except our medicine!! This is our claim.

What about the side effects from CardioFlo? Also, is it contraindicated in certain category of individuals or patients?
Dr.Antony: The patent for CardioFlow has been cleared for 172 countries around the world where it can be marketed. We are presently in 17 countries including those in Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore.

Before starting on this process of patenting and licensing, I went in for a toxicity study and the levels are very much within the permissible levels. It is suitable for consumption by patients of any age including children and newborns. There are no contraindications to the use of this medicine at all.

Semecarpus anacardium is one of the most important components of this preparation. The nuts of this plant are known to contain toxins and irritants which can cause contact dermatitis because of which rash and irritation occurs on the skin. Hence, its medicinal value has been explored only in a limited way for cancer, gastric infections and fungal infections but not in respect of cardiovascular treatment so far. But I have for the first time, described the use of these nuts from which the toxic irritants are removed and then combined with the extracts of garlic and ginger. I have separated all the toxic elements from these individual components and then combined them in various proportions in a castor oil base.

These are all time tested herbs which have been used for the last 5000 years and are supporting the human system through the ages. And hence do not require clinical trials But I’ve tried to give a new dimension in terms of composition of the medicine I’ve invented. We did do a study involving 3000 patients whom we put on this drug and observed the results which prove beyond doubt the efficacy of the medicine in preventing, treating and reversing cardiac ailments. I’ve been researching this area for the last 25 years and have treated over 10,000 patients during the course of the last 10 years with this medicine and till now there have been no report of any harmful side effects of the drug.

Once patients recover from their present heart condition, what are the chances of recurrence of the problem?
Dr.Antony: CardioFlo reconstructs your body. Toxins are removed and revitalization of the organs and body is done. So the reappearance of a block or other condition is a far fetched feature. So far with 25 years of research and 10-15 years of using it on patients, no patient has come back for the problem for which he/she was treated. Once I have treated a patient to my satisfaction, then I advice them to take a 3-month preventive dose every year. Generally I ask them to take the preventive doses in the months of November, December and January, the cool or winter months. This is so because the ingredients which go into the preparation of CardioFlo are heat producing; hence for a normal person, it will contribute more to his health when taken during the winter months. Every year, for 3 months, I myself take this medicine though I am not a heart patient. One 300 mg capsule everyday in the morning.

So you are marketing the medicine in a single potency of 300 mg is it? Earlier, while referring to the 17 day old baby with a hole in its heart, you mentioned administering the medicine in liquid form. Do you use both forms of the medicine – liquid and as capsules?
Dr.Antony: We capsulate the medicine for marketing purposes but the drug can be administered as a liquid also. Presently we are marketing the medicine in 300mg potency but soon we will be coming out with the next generation of the medicine in 200 mg capsules.

I also plan to bring out a still more effect cardiac drug within a period of one year, specifically targeted at Ischemic Heart Disease. I am hopeful of proving that IHD can be cured within a period of 90 days with this new drug. This medicine will be more powerful than cardioflo in treating IHD, powerful in terms of achieving the desired result in lesser time period – that is complete cure in 90 days. I want to show the Western world that within a stipulated time period we will be able to deal with this imbalance and cure the condition of IHD in patients.

What about diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications for patients who are on medication with cardioflo?
Dr.Antony: Cardiologists generally advise lifestyle changes, meditation, yoga and the like when treating heart patients. But in developing and underdeveloped countries where the majority of the population is busy earning two square meals a day, where do they have time for exercise! Those who come to me with angina, I would want to send them back to work at the earliest because they are so often the bread winners of their family. CardioFlo takes care of all these factors!

What about that section of population that indulges in fast food and fat-rich food? Do they not require modifications to their diet and lifestyle along with CardioFlo?
Dr.Antony: While it is always good to exercise moderation in anything and go for healthy diet, treatment with cardioflo does not make such changes compulsory. No matter the diet followed, CardioFlo plays its role most effectively in taking care of the person or patient. Depending on the various cardiac parameters and lipid profile of the individuals, we adjust the dosage of CardioFlo accordingly to maintain the patient’s health.

This essentially means individuals can indulge in just any kind of food and still maintain their lipid profile at normal levels, simply by regulating CardioFlo dosage. Would you agree to this?
Dr.Antony: Yes. Once toxins are removed due to the action of the drug, weight reduction also automatically follows. So the problems of overweight and obesity are also answered with CardioFlo. Having said that, if you exercise regularly, are on good diet and follow sound lifestyles, the recovery will be faster when normal doses of cardioflo are taken. Even very critical patients recover fast with this medicine.

When you talk of critical patients, do you refer to those in ICUs, CCUs or patients who suffer a heart attack or cardiac arrest? Does CardioFlo help in these situations?
Dr.Antony: This is to be tried. But I am certain that it will help in the rescue of these patients. But I don’t have a system to do this; hence unless I get the co-operation of medical personnel in hospital ICUs, I would not be able to carry this out. But the Chief Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon at Coimbatore Medical College & Hospital, Dr.Ganeshan, has been using my medicine for the last one year for his mother and some patients as well. It’s only a question of time before practitioners of conventional or Allopathic system of medicine will enable me to make this possible.

Is there any cardiac condition for which CardioFlo does not work?
Dr.Antony: I believe that CardioFlo can be given in any condition; there is no such condition where it cannot be given or that it will not work; only, the dose has to be monitored gradually according to severity and chronicity of the condition itself. A gradual increase of dose will give a lot of support to the heart because we found that once a patient takes this medicine, it straight away acts on the heart. This can be proved with a single ECG. It enhances the function of the heart very fast. Very soon we are hoping to try out this medicine in CCUs and I am fully confident that the results will be most positive. When this happens, it will be a revolution in cardiac care and treatment.

Since you say it is a preventive of cardiac ailments, who and at what age can people start taking it?
Dr.Antony: Just about anyone, with or without a heart condition, at risk or without risk of heart ailments, hypertensives, individuals who are constantly under stress, even students and small children can safely take this medicine as a preventive since it does not have any adverse or side effects. In fact we have tried the liquid form of this medicine in children and found it to be very effective in boosting their memory and making them more energetic and active.

To what extent is CardioFlo compatible with other systems of medicines? Can patients on Allopathic or other medication, for cardiac or other health conditions, take CardioFlo alongside, as a complement?
Dr.Antony: CardioFlo is compatible with all other systems of medicine and patients can take it alongside their other medications. Since the patient’s body is already acclimatized with the medication that he has already been taking, we don’t advocate their getting off those medications. But ultimately, our medicine will overtake the effects of all the other medicines and bring relief to the patients. When changes begin to get noticed with cardioflo, these other medications will progressively be reduced and finally stopped.

Are you also cultivating the herbs that you use in the preparation of CardioFlo or any other medicines?
Dr.Antony: No. We get the readymade extracts and then combine them in certain proportions to make CardioFlo. Before mixing them, we make sure about the quality of the extracts, ensure that they meet our requirements and then the final product is tested again and then we send it for production. All the Quality Control aspects are taken care of as per the Pharmacopia of India and as per the procedure of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our manufacturing unit is a WHO approved factory in Daman.

How cost-effective is CardioFlo?
Dr.Antony: A bottle of 30 capsules is priced at Rs.300.


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