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Colon Hydrotherapy

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Time to detox

12 June 2007
WITH THE hectic lifestyle that most of us have become accustomed to and the consequent fast food culture holding sway, we are putting our intestines under permanent stress. Needless to say that with high quantities of denatured food that is poor in fibre ... contains too much fat and sugar, preservatives and other chemical additives, we are constantly toxifying our system.

Added to this, we often 'gulp down' food and do not chew it sufficiently enough for it to be well absorbed. Top this up with the mental stress that most of us suffer and lo, we have the perfect equation for intestinal, digestive and other troubles!

Our bodies cannot function at their optimum best because of this build up of waste matter in our intestinal tracts. Decayed, fermented waste in the intestines, block the absorptive, assimilative and elimination capacities of the intestines.

In fact, the intestines become a breeding ground for harmful parasites and organisms which find their way to the blood, organs and lymph systems. This ultimately results in loss of vitality, poor health, abdominal bloating, gas accumulation, candida, malnourished skin and a host of other disease conditions.

The absorption of nutrients is enhanced when the colon or large intestine is cleansed. The large intestine acts as a reservoir or collection centre for waste material generated in the body after digestion. Healthy intestines are the basis for a healthy body.

So once this reservoir is cleaned, a lot of changes take place in the entire body, leaving an individual in an enhanced state of health. This is where Colon Hydrotherapy has proved highly beneficial even as we bid goodbye to age old processes like high enemas, clysters or subaqual intestinal washing.

Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy is not a new concept but is actually re-emerging. It has been used in ancient China, India, Egypt and Greece as a therapy for general wellbeing and a popular rejuvenation therapy in 19th century European spas.

A special machine or equipment called Colon Hydromat is used for the purpose. It is user-friendly, can be installed anywhere where there is fresh water supply and a sewage connection and it is completely safe for patients or clients undergoing Colon hydrotherapy.

The process itself is safe and painless. It involves infusing distilled and temperature regulated water (warmed to the normal body temperature) into the large intestine to dislodge the waste materials and dilute toxic concentrations.

A good colon is reflected on the face of an individual. The results of the therapy are easily visible to others from the skin of the person who has undergone the treatment. It improves muscle tone and facilitates peristaltic action. Any skin condition, from dandruff to hyper-scaling, lesions and psoriasis can be helped with colon hydrotherapy, says Dr Sathya Narayanan, Al Karama Ayurvedic & Yoga Centre, Dubai.

What does the process involve? A single session usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour. The individual is made to lie on a bed and temperature-regulated, purified water from the machine is gently introduced into the colon through the rectum via sterilised tubes.

The machine has specially designed tube system with twin tubes, whereby the rinsing water and the contents of the intestines are washed out at the same time, absolutely clean and odourless. Since the machine has a built-in cleaning system, all hygienic standards are met. Thus toxins, gas, accumulated matter and mucus deposits along the walls of the colon are flushed out of the body.

Once the toxins are eliminated, the body’s immune system is boosted considerably. The therapy has been found to be highly beneficial for people suffering from constipation, flatulence, diarrhea, parasite infection, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcerative colitis in the initial stages, headaches, sinus, tooth decay and gum disease, poor appetite or food cravings, body odour, asthma and allergies and persistent colds, various skin conditions, halitosis or bad breath, Crohn’s disease and several conditions related to the digestive system. "Since it is a therapy that rejuvenates the body, it is a much sought after therapy, especially by those people who are associated with the glamour and beauty industry including airline cabin crew," adds Dr Sathya. The skin becomes bright and clear following therapy and individuals’ energy levels increase and there is a definite diminishing of the digestive symptoms that they earlier experienced.

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