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Indian Flower Remedy

Published in Tathasthu (New Jersey Publication)

Treating with Indian Flower Remedies

Ms.Vera’s incessant cough and clearing of the throat was a source of distraction to the assembled audience at a seminar on Flower Remedies in Switzerland. Dr.Atul Shah who was addressing the gathering, offered his flower preparation to Ms.Vera. And viola, the cough that had been plaguing Martina for a month or more, miraculously disappeared within no time!

Ms.Regina was operated upon following fracture of the collar bone that left her with significant muscle loss. The surgery did not do much to alleviate her pain which continued to hinder the movement of her arm. As a last resort, she visited Dr.Shah who treated her with gel prepared from Aloe Vera. The result was stunning!

Indian Flower Remedies is a therapy in the gamut of complementary medicinal systems, that apparently offer panacea for a host of ailments, a system that is non-invasive, non-addictive and devoid of side effects. Allopathic practitioners, Drs.Atul and Rupa Shah are the pioneers of the Indian Flower Therapy, a system of healing based on the principle that most physical ailments are the symptoms of an underlying mental or emotional conflict. They work as catalysts, empowering you to bring about a change within yourself, correct emotional imbalance and overcome your fears. More appropriately, in recent times, the therapy has undergone change in name, explains Dr.Atul: “This is energy medicine which we initially started as Flower Remedy; now we refer to it as Bio Energy Medicine since we are combining Gem energy and Indian Herbal energy as well to the floral energy, in preparing various combinations of remedies.

Dr.Atul is a Radiologist and has trained in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at New York’s Sloan Kettering Hospital. Dr. Atul K. Shah is an M.D. in Allopathy and a Radiologist from Bombay University. He is also trained in Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) at different hospitals in USA. For over 17 years now, he is practicing, making & researching Indian Himalaya Flower Remedies, Isotherapy, Electromagnetic Pollution, Environmental stress, and Vastu Shastra. Dr.Atul has been delivering lectures at International Flower Remedies & Essences Conference in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and several European nations besides India. He is also associated and affiliated with the American Anti-Ageing Association. Dr.Rupa is a trained Allopath as well as Aromatherapist. However the duo gave up a thriving practice and spent several years in research on Himalayan Flower Essences.

The doctors obtain their healing combinations by sourcing the flowers from their origins in the Sahayadri and Himalayan ranges of mountains. However, their system of healing is distinctly different from Bach Flower Remedies in that no flower or herb is physically plucked from the plant, cut or crushed in any manner. Rather, it is the energy from these that is harnessed in preparing the combination of remedies. The remedies are purely energy or vibrational medicines that use the healing energy of the flowers, herbs and gems, and hence there is no material substance in them.

Explaining the preparation process, Dr.Atul reveals, “The flowers used therapeutically are not grown in nurseries and are not exposed to chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. In order to maintain the ecological balance, we do not pluck the flowers from their plants or trees, except when they are very high. We have a beaker-like apparatus into which the flowers are lowered from their perch. Water is then poured over the blossoms and collected in a glass jar placed below the beaker. Water so collected is repeatedly passed over the flower for anywhere between 10 minutes to two hours, to energize it. The Mother tincture thus prepared on the spot is preserved using vinegar, glycerin or alcohol and has a very long shelf life of several years while the shelf life of the dilutions prepared by adding water is generally one year.”

Each of the flowers used has its own specific healing attributes. Also, how and where the flowers are grown, influences their properties and healing qualities. That is, flowers that grow in water have a different quality vis-a-vis flowers that bloom in the day vis-a-vis those blossoming at night,” reveals Dr. Rupa. And there’s a flower to heal or at least alleviate the symptoms of almost every physical, physiological and psychological malaise, from the common cold, cough, depression, addictions to HIV and cancer, add the doctors.

The mental and physical aspects of a person are like two sides of a coin. The remedies work by gradually clearing the underlying negative emotions and teach patients how to recognize them, express them and deal with them effectively. Dr.Rupa explains, “Does not grief affect your stomach, or anger, your liver? When we make out a flower prescription for the liver, it invariably has an impact on the anger aspect of the person also. You cannot divorce mind for body, the physical from the emotional. Suppressed rage may be causing you chronic hepatitis. Flower therapy will help you understand your rage and find an outlet to give it healthy expression, curing your hepatitis in the process.”

Elaborating on the rationale behind the working of flower medicines, Dr.Atul says, “For instance, if you come to me with conjunctivitis, you will be surprised that I will give you only liver medicine. You’ll be more surprised when the remedy works and your red eye returns to normal. The redness associated with the problem, is a reflection of hidden anger; so by treating the liver, you weed out the anger and the consequent redness.”

Does it then mean that every time someone comes with a red eye and conjunctivitis, it is always associated with anger and the liver? Yes, it’s the root, emphasizes Dr.Atul. “But there could also be an infection in the eye that brings on this redness, but this was precipitated. If I were to treat the infection alone, it may take, say 7 days to heal but were I to treat the liver simultaneously, the problem will improve faster, in a few hours!”

All kinds of illnesses are treated that range from the emotional, mental and physical. For instance, a cystitis or kidney problem may have its base in Fear. So when the ‘fear’ is addressed through the therapy, the underlying physical manifestations are taken care of. Of course not all problems or illnesses have their roots in emotional and mental condition, admit the therapists. For instance, when someone suffers an injury, specific preparations are there to heal it. Elaborating the working of the Flower remedy, Dr.Atul explains, “In fact my wife had a fracture of the foot and the doctor told us that she would require six weeks of plaster cast. But we continued to give her our remedy and within a very short period of time, in 21 days, we removed the plaster and in two hours she began walking normally. X rays also revealed that the foot was healed. Even in head injury cases, we have got some wonderful results. In the case of injuries, time of hospitalization and medication is cut down, there is early recovery and the side effects from Allopathic medication is mitigated, and there is pain alleviation.

The doctors firmly believe that the clue to a flower’s healing quality can be picked up from its name, principally in Sanskrit. For instance, explains Dr. Rupa, “ Ashok, which means griefless or without grief, is very effective in treating ailments that have their roots in grief! Besides, it is very effective in treating women’s problems, particularly uterine disorders. Cactus, for instance, is very effective in healing people who are going through extreme hardship and stress. Flower of drumstick, for example is highly effective for respiratory problems.”

Flower therapy works well for flu and other infectious diseases including malaria, typhoid, diarrhea. But when the infection is a complicated one, as in the case of say, very high grade septicemia, treatment with Allopathy is sought, admits Dr.Atul.
Even though there are adverse effects from Allopathic medicines, we have in our Flower Remedy, medicines that will counter the ill effects of these allopathic drugs.

For morning sickness, pregnancy, safe and easy labor, for a normal delivery, the therapists have special preparations for each month of the pregnancy starting from the second month onwards, to take care of both, mother and child. Similarly they have a combination for enhancing the output and taste of breast milk, for promoting healthy teething in babies and good brain development.

The Lotus is one of the most extensively used flower for purposes of therapy, reveal the doctors. For instance, the lotus is used in combination with the bougainvillea and a few gems to tackle the problem of sleeplessness. Curry leaf with lotus is combined to effect relief from acidity and certain liver-related problems.

Formula No.1 or First Aid Remedy is used in an emergency as in an accident, fall, fever, shock. Formula No.2 or Stress & Tension Remedy helps convert stress into a normal phenomenon and helps one become motivated to discharge his responsibilities. Memory Kit comprises three bottles and is an extremely effective formula for boosting memory in all age groups of people. This is enabling students to approach their exams in a very calm and systematic manner without getting themselves into a pre-exam panic mode.

Drs.Atul and Rupa have found tremendous, almost miraculous relief in arthritic patients, with their “trump card”, a gel for pain, chiefly derived from the aloe vera. The topical application is used alongside oral preparations. This has been found very effective for pain of all kinds.

Some of the more recent and popular remedies include combinations for “Beauty with Health”, for hair fall, dark circles, breast toner and breast booster, gels for scars and stretch marks.

The practitioners find very good response to their remedies for female problems, especially for young girls suffering from PMP (Premenstrual Pain). The hormonal imbalances are naturally corrected by administering the flower remedy instead of giving the hormones themselves. Similarly, there are combinations for tackling problems related to menopause and andropause.

The Detox 21, a course of therapy for 21 days is being used even on cancer and heart patients besides anyone suffering from any condition, to great effect. While the combination does not heal the cancer or the heart condition, it enables the flushing out of toxins from the body and improves their general health condition. The doctors have obtained very good results from it for tackling problems related to the digestive system, particularly IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), indigestion, and liver problems.

Therapy with flowers is very specific and targeted, says Dr.Rupa. “Each flower works on a specific part of our body. There are flowers for fears, for confidence, immune system, grief, respiratory system et al. When you treat a certain organ, part, disease or emotion with these remedies, you are actually adding some fundamental regenerative forces to your body and once that’s done, you don’t need any more. It’s like filling up a glass of water – once full, you can’t fill it any more! We have a remedy that combines certain flower energies to prepare one medicine that will be useful in treating any kind of headaches. Irrespective of the underlying reason, every kind of headache will find improvement with this headache remedy.”

Does that then mean, once a cure is effected, it is permanent? The doctors caution, “It’s true that these remedies will boosts the immune system and once treatment is complete you may not have a recurrence of the problem since it will take care of subsequent stimuli that may come up. But remember, we are in a dynamic equilibrium with our environment, with the cosmos. So everyday there will be changes in our system with constant interactions and challenges; hence some minor problems will always be coming up in life. Nothing is permanent, so how can we talk of a permanent cure? But you can handle it all better. Especially in the case of major diseases, when you are out of it, there’s very good chance that you remain out of it.”

Achievement rather than cure is the watchword used by the doctors. And this implies one of three conditions:

1. the disease, whatever it is, is arrested at its present stage and its further progression is prevented.
2. the speed and intensity of deterioration is checked or slowed down
3. there is a definite improvement in the condition of the patient and he returns to a state of health.

What about diabetics and patients suffering hypertension? Can they be taken off their allopathic medication and flower remedies substituted instead? The doctors do not negate the utility of allopathic treatment or drugs! They are emphatic, “This is a limitation of the Flower therapy because we can treat successfully the complications from the disease, for instance, burning sensation in the feet, neuropathy, vasculities, et al. But for diabetes per se, we don’t have a remedy that can bring down the blood sugar level. Similarly, in the case of blood pressure, chances of remedying the situation are very good with flower remedies if the pressure is stress-induced or because of accumulated toxins in your body. To this extent we are able to reduce their system overload due to allopathic medication.”

The doctors have treated hundreds of thousand patients successfully for various ailments encompassing the acute and the chronic. In addition they have been exporting these essences to the US, Japan and Europe for the last 15 years. Even plants and animals are being treated with the flower remedies for a similar length of time.

The period for which the Flower Remedies may be taken depends on the condition, its acute or chronic nature, its severity and frequency of occurrence. In acute cases, there are essences that do the trick in minutes. Less serious conditions may require the remedies to be taken for a week to a month or more. Once the healing is complete, the medicines may be stopped and there is no fear of addiction to the medications as is sometimes seen in the case of Allopathy, reassure the therapists.

The remedies are administered orally in most instances, except in cases where the patient is unconscious in which case the preparations are applied locally. Even in these instances, it is ensured that they are not applied to open cuts or wounds. The frequency and number of drops given are condition dependent and in direct proportion to the intensity of the problem. Flower remedies are also effective when used in the bath water or externally in compresses, packs, lotions, creams, balms, and oils. In addition, they may be used on acupressure points in the body.

Since these remedies contain the vibrational energies of flowers in water, the primary ingredient is water and therefore the preparations are harmless and are safe for children also. While there is no adverse effects of Indian Flower Therapy, it is possible, though very rarely, that some individuals may come down with a mild rash due to a sudden surge of unexpected feelings or emotions. This is because the Therapy treats by flushing out negative feelings and emotions and these may have remained suppressed in an individual for a significant period of time. As a part of the cleansing and clearing process, mild rashes may sometimes appear. When this happens, the remedy may be temporarily stopped and taken in diluted form after a few days.

While there are no special do’s and don’ts associated with taking flower remedies, it has been observed that individuals who use these essences develop a desire for healthier lifestyle and hence do make appropriate diet and exercise changes. Drs.Atul and Rupa emphasize that the flower remedies are not viewed as substituted to Allopathy but as complementary to the conventional medicine.

On the scientific efficacy of the Indian Flower Essences, the doctors reveal that Kirlian pictures have been taken of the Lotus Flower Essences. The photographs suggest an expanded energy field within the bottle, besides healed individuals bearing testimony to its efficacy. Further, initial reports of laboratory analysis of the Anti-fungal Formula have also yielded positive results by revealing clear reduction in fungal growth on the Petri dish culture medium.

The active life of a well-kept, unopened bottle of an Indian Flower Essence is three years from the manufacturing date. Once opened, it is best consumed within three months.

A couple of their latest research work is on anti-ageing effects and Intra Uterine Life, reveals Dr.Atul. “We have a good number of remedies for various aspects of ageing and it covers an entire range of problems including osteoporosis and andropause. While the American anti-Ageing Association, use bio-identical hormones in the USA to treat these problems, the Shahs take recourse to the flower remedies which have no hormones in them.”

“Similarly, following extensive research work on Intra Uterine Life, we have been able to successfully treat a lot of pediatric cases of asthma and psychological problems. Treatment here involves investigating the mental and emotional condition of the mothers during their pregnancy period and the fathers’ emotional and mental condition three months prior to conception of that child. We treat these children based on the history of the parents and have got wonderful results. In fact even for some adults who were suffering pain which was actually intense emotional pain we have been treating with this approach and have obtained very good results. Almost 70-80% of patients have been completely cured of their pains and problems.

“I do have failures which are about 10-15% on an average,” admits Dr.Atul. “In conclusion I would say this system of medicine has excellent healing capacities but I would not say it is an entire system in itself. I do not deny the role of Allopathy in several instances where the Indian Flower Remedy plays an extremely good supportive or complementary role in speeding by the healing process and in arresting problems in the stage at which it has occurred, thus preventing the condition from deteriorating.”


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