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Rhythm of Life Yoga

Published in City Times

Getting into the “Rhythm of Life”

Lakshmi Ramesh had been suffering from sinusitis since her school days. She tried every kind of therapy – from Allopathy to Homoeopathy to Naturopathy to rid herself of the problem, but to no avail. Today, well into her thirties, she is glad to be free of the problem, all thanks to Rhythm of Life, (ROL)!

Lakshmi recommends Rhythm of Yoga to anybody and everybody, no matter they are ill or well saying, “It took me just 10 classes at the Rhythm Yoga and Fitness Center in Karama, under the expert guidance of ROL instructor, Sanjeev Krishnan, to get rid of a problem I had been suffering for years and had tried every possible system of medication, meditation and yoga without any effect. In fact, to my knowledge, ROL has helped a number of people who have had diabetes, blood pressure and spondylitis. This is not any magic or wonder that is happening; it’s all a natural process where our system is getting in tune with nature.”

Sanjeev Krishnan ROL instructor, who has mastered various aspects of several forms of Yoga has been involved in conducting ROL in Dubai for the last two years. With a professional license to do so, Sanjeev also comes under the Ministry of Health with a medical license and in that capacity his institution participated in the DSF last year under the Ministry of Health. His Rhythm Yoga and Fitness Centre conducted a programme in Al Seef Street on the occasion where they highlighted the Essence of Yoga to World Health and also won an award for their presentation. Some of the Dubai schools including The Modern High and the Millennium, had some of their students enrolled in Sanjeev’s sessions and a lot more schools and corporates are already evincing much interest in the programmes.

Sanjeev answers questions on ROL, which itself is based on certain Yogic principles.

What exactly is ROL all about?
Sanjeev: ROL is a well designed and structured programme that guides one to the depth of life, empowering you with knowledge that keeps you healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and rids you of stress. It is based on the principles of Ashtanga Yoga and it paves the way to dynamic health and well being of an individual. It is based on the premise that each and every individual already has a rhythm which is unique to him, developed through his circumstances, experiences and perceptions and it is rhythm in harmony which ensures his well being. However, ill health, discomfort and stress-related problems ensue, when an individual’s rhythm is not in perfect mode. ROL programme enables individuals to get back their harmonious rhythm through a process of cleansing.

How exactly is this state of harmony brought about in this ten day course?
Sanjeev: As infants and children, we do not perceive life as a burden. However, as we grow up, we are ridden with fears, phobias and complexes so much so that we begin to look at life as a burden. We begin this ten day session by putting you back into a state wherein you start enjoying your state from the rock bottom and then you go up again. You understand what has really disturbed you through your growing years such that you are not in the perfect rhythm and why you are facing various problems or ailments. For instance, any pain or disease manifestation in the physical body, any feeling of tension or depression, shows there is something wrong in your habits or in the way you look at life. ROL helps you fine tune yourself back to harmony, stage by stage, wherein you become more aware of yourself and understand yourself better.

Does this mean the course is actually some kind of meditation?
Sanjeev: It is a combination of various factors and science of meditation is one aspect that we teach in this course. We give you the essentials of right food, right habits, make you aware on how you can strengthen your mind so that you may achieve your goals and objectives and we also teach the techniques of Pranayama or breathing right. We are all breathing, but how well do we breathe, we do not know. Which is why many of us may be heir to asthma and other breathing ailments. During the process of this course, many of these ailments disappear.

How is this programme different in its meditation and yoga aspects from other meditation and yoga programmes which have mushroomed all over the world?
Sanjeev: There are one hundred and eight types of meditation. In those meditational approaches, the individual is focusing on something – a form, a mantra, light, or whatever. In ROL meditation, we do not do anything; we are in a state of physical and mental quietness. Scientifically, whenever you are in a state of physical quietness, the body has a tendency to release the impurities and toxins from the system which has been accumulated over a period of time due to stress. So once these toxins get flushed out from the body through this form of meditation, your physical body is purified and you are free of ‘dis-ease’. Just fifteen minutes of ROL meditation, gives you relaxation of mind and body that is equivalent of three hours of deep sleep relaxation.

You also have a Thursday session for children. What is this all about?
Sanjeev: Yes, this is a special two hour session that we have for children between the ages of seven and eighteen years, split into two sessions: one for 7 – 12 year olds and the other for 13 – 18 year olds. In these sessions we basically teach children the intellectual aspects of education wherein they learn how to study the various subjects, without pressurizing themselves. Children today are carrying a heavy load on their shoulders, literally and figuratively, in terms of how much they are required to study in a fiercely competitive world. We teach them the behavioural approach of how to balance the mind and the body. The physical body is something that is limited for all of us; the mind on the other hand is unlimited. There is no end to our desires. But we do not strike a balance between the mind and the body which is why we become ‘sick’ and often destroy our physical body. We teach children from a young age itself, to really balance themselves, formulate a vision of what they really want to achieve and also not only teach them that failure is nothing but a foundation to success, but also instill this truth firmly in them. Besides this, children are taught the approach to studying and strike a balancer between the creative and logical hemispheres of the brain, so that they view it as an enjoyable experience.

In a nut shell, can you tell us the various benefits from ROL?
Sanjeev: Mind control, enhanced memory and concentration, mind and body co-ordination, building of positive attitudes, increased creative power, purification and balance of the physical and mental systems, prevention and relief from chronic ailments, weight reduction and self knowledge are some of ROL’s many and varied benefits.


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