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Tachyon Energy

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Towards a healthy equilibrium …. Tachyon Energy

As huge strides are being made in the field of science and medicine to find cures for some of the most dreaded diseases, alternative therapies are focusing on bringing back to balance the increasing disharmony between mankind and his surroundings, between man and nature. Healing with Tachyon Energy is based on the fact that all forms of matter, living and inanimate, is made up of energy and is a part of an “Energetic Continuum” – the flow of energies as they move down from the “source”. Obstructions can manifest on any frequency level within our Energetic Continuum of subtle bodies and it is these obstructions which cause dis-ease. Tachyon energy works by removing these obstructions and restoring us to a state of health, according to Dr.S.Ramesh, Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon Rashid Hospital, and a practitioner of Tachyon Energy Healing.

Holistic approach to healing is the trend of the times, involving an integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of the human. In this sense, “Tachyonized tools significantly contribute to achieving near-perfect energetic balance at all levels more rapidly. For instance, if you keep a TLC in a Boardroom, it’s spreading out energy to all sides of the room so that everybody in that room will be so amicable as to take a harmonious decision. If you place a TLC bar on a building 30 m high, it will energize all the homes and all the people living in that area!” says Dr.Ramesh.

What is Tachyon Energy and how does it effect healing? Tachyon is the omnipresent, free energy which is present in the environment everywhere. Everything that transpires in the human body, for example, already exists within Tachyon in perfect form, explains Dr.Ramesh. “It is always passing through us and around us and we can normally harness this energy to maintain a healthy state. That’s how we were born, to harness this energy. But with our programming, conditioning and stresses, we have blocked the flow of this energy; hence our state of dis-ease. The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEFs) in our body convert Tachyon Energy into the specific frequencies needed by a particular organ or part of our body to restore health. In fact, it is not the Tachyon that heals, rather it provides the energy for the body to heal itself. The SOEF's use only that amount of Tachyon Energy necessary to re-balance unorganized areas of the body, eliminating the need to monitor dosage requirements.”

Is treatment with Tachyon time bound? Dr.Ramesh explains, “It is the energy field that decides how much it wants and when to stop. Healing process is an individual thing; your aura decides how much of healing it wants and how long it is going to take. As your pattern starts clearing and your mental clarity improves, automatically the process will stop. It could be anywhere from a few days to a year. If you’ve had a disease for 30 years, do you want it to heal in 30 minutes?”

Is there any kind of diet system that needs to be followed while undergoing treatment?
There is no restriction on anything, says Dr.Ramesh. However, as with every other therapy, the three energy forms - food, air, water, should be fresh and good. ”

A high point of healing with Tachyon Energy is its applicability to external factors that have an impact on health, over which we have no control as individuals. Dr.Ramesh clarifies, “Using the same antenna with which you heal yourself, you can re-energise the polluted environment; you can change the quality of the polluted water by charging it with the antenna. If both air and water are fresh there is hardly any chance for blocks to form! Even fruits and vegetables subject to pesticides, refrigeration, et al can be re-energised through the antenna and its nutritive value restored.”

Antenna for healing? Dr.Ramesh explains, “Antennas just help to source the energy from the surroundings. But the quality of energy being different in different places, treatment time may vary. For instance, if healing takes place in the Himalayas where air is so pure and the environment clean, time taken to heal will be less as compared to elsewhere where pollution levels are high.”

Dr.Ramesh elaborates on antenna-making, “You can make an antenna from any natural material. I can take a shirt or any piece of cloth and make an antenna of it, through a process called tachyonisation. Once you make an antenna it’s permanent, guaranteed for generations. You can even have tachyonized water, oil, et al. However, the cloth is affected by tear and wear; water, oil and like items can’t be eternally preserved. Hence Tachyonized Liquid Crystal bars (TLC) would be ideal. Crystals are very expensive because the process to make them take 3-4 or even 6 months sometimes. Then it has to be diamond cut and tachyonized. These 'antennae', when applied directly to the body, 'feed' the SOEF's, giving the body the tools and energy necessary to heal itself, and do it in a self regulating fashion.”

Is treatment with Tachyon energy, a cure-all? This system of healing is compatible with other forms of medicine and complements as well as substitutes other therapies to various degrees, says Dr.Ramesh. “However, where the problem is of a chronic nature, as in the case of hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems, we do not get the patients off their current medication. But with continued Tachyon therapy, we can gradually reduce and even wean the patients off their medication completely”

“Similarly in the case of cancer patients”, continues Dr.Ramesh, “we ask them to continue whatever treatment they are going through medically. We complement this with Tachyon therapy. It will improve all the symptomatology of the first stage, the side effects stemming from conventional cancer therapies, it will make the patient emotionally calmer. This is the beginning phase of the treatment with Tachyon energy. Subsequently, we observe even the physical changes happening. Unfortunately, a Cancer patient doesn’t have time, and this treatment takes time. So one has to go along with both the treatments and we have been able to improve the quality of life and the survival rate. There are cases where we have seen a sudden regression of the tumor size and everything after putting the patient on Tachyon therapy.”

What about side effect from using Tachyon Energy? “They are nil,” emphasizes Dr.Ramesh. “In some instances, the detoxification process may bring on healing reactions but this is very short lived. For a very short time one may feel overwhelmed, but there will never be an adverse outcome.”

Dr.Ramesh has been conducting classes, seminars and workshops, training Tachyon healers in the UAE. One such program is the Wellness Program which involves Group Learning to vitalize the mind, body and conscious. The aim of the program is to enable everyone to source the energy to maintain health, to heal and keep the body sustained at the healthy state and thus minimize visits to the doctor. Explaining the program, Dr.Ramesh states, “We have all the tools available in our human body to actively source the energy. Our program re-educates a person to use this energy. So you don’t have to be sick to attend this Group therapy. A person in good state of health can come here to rejuvenate himself. The sick person on the other hand is going to rejuvenate himself after healing himself. This keeps you at your energy levels of what you had at 16-18 years of age, even at the age of 90!”

Citing other instances where the program can be used to good effect, he says, “Sitting at home, you can direct your energy to your child who is writing an exam so that he remains calm, balanced and peaceful while answering. We also teach children how to improve their mental abilities, memory, performance, how to energize themselves, particularly when they are nervous. There will be clarity of mind all the time, of vision, of breathing, and also health-wise, they are sound and their immune system is triggered.”


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