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Seaweed Wraps to Enhance Health & Beauty

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Wrapped up in health

18 August 2007
ENJOY YOURSELF slathered with a body mask made of algae and seaweed, then cocooned in a wrap of plastic over this natural mask for 20 minutes. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated following a quick rinse.

Enjoy a "new look" and bask in the "good feel" factor, for your body has now rid itself of all the unwanted waste, the toxins that have accumulated over a period of time. And all thanks to the seaweed and algae that have stimulated your body's metabolism.

Akura Spa, The Aviation Club, Dubai offers all this and more. Since ancient times mud, clay, seaweed, algae have been used as therapeutic agents to detoxify the body through metabolic stimulation and make for healthy, well-nourished skin. Today, these products of the sea are being used in Body Wraps to hydrate and soften the skin and also improve overall health of an individual.

A typical Body Wrap provides exfoliating, detoxifying and slimming benefits, explains Jane, therapist at Akura Spa. The Spa offers an assortment of well-being packages that enable individuals release, relax and rewind. One of the most popular treatments is the Detox Wrap from Thalgo or Decleor, the one a marine derivative and the other made from plants, with algae being a common ingredient of both products. However, their action on the body is same in terms of output, quality and efficiency, assures Jane. It is entirely the clients' choice which one they want to use.

The wraps come in three forms: the wet room wrap, Turkish Room wrap and the Oxyspa wrap. Unlike the wet room wrap which uses significant levels of water to achieve the desired results, a Turkish Room is similar to a steam bath where the steam enables the opening up of skin pores to speed up the cleansing process. Similarly, in the case of the Oxyspa, dry heat method is used where the client is placed in a capsule which delivers 99% Oxygen. The effect here is like in a sauna where dry heat method is used for the detoxification process. It brings out the fat while the wrap removes the toxins.

A Detox Seaweed Wrap therapy session typically begins with clients furnishing details on their general health status. Once therapy is confirmed to begin, the feet and hands are treated first with hot towels for the feet and cold towels for the hands. Wiping or cleaning of the feet with hot towels is meant to relax the feet and improve circulation in them while the cold usage for hands and sometimes face is to refresh these areas.

The first part of the wrap involves exfoliation of the whole body or body scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Exfoliants are used to accomplish this process which lasts 15 minutes. With the clients lying on their back or side, exfoliation is manually done by the therapist who begins with gentle massage from the lower limbs and works upwards. Once this is done, the client is showered to rid him or her of all the exfoliated cells. The detox mask is then applied to his entire body which is then wrapped in plastic and the client left in the state for 20 minutes to allow the wrap to penetrate the skin to achieve the detoxification and remineralised effect of the seaweeds. Jane explains, "During this 20 minute period, we do a gentle head massage with a brushing stroke. At the end of 20 minutes, clients shower. We then apply a moisturiser and head treating cream."

Jane however emphasises that this is only one part of the detoxification programme that is done at the spa. There is homework to be done by the clients to sustain the therapy and maintain the skin, body and general health in an equilibrium state. "We advice clients on Home Care Programme which relate to their diet based on their blood group and individual requirements — foods to avoid and foods to enjoy, exercise regimen, use of body care products. We also prescribe some oral medication which is prepared from natural substances and involves no chemicals, for further internal detoxification."

Jane assures that the Body Wrap therapy may be undertaken by persons in health and even those suffering from chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes or cardiac problems since it does not have any adverse effects. On the contrary, even these patients may be benefited since the therapy enables the body to function properly. The effect of Detox Wrap can be felt almost immediately after the treatment in the Spa. This is especially so in the OxySpa. Even the losing of inches can be seen right away after the treatment, to the extent of between half to one inch and sometimes even more than this, claims Jane. Even an overweight or obese individual can gain significantly from this programme provided he or she is regular on the Home Care Programme, emphasises Jane.

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