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Healing with Bio Resonance

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24 February 2005
Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) is a relatively new form of therapeutic system introduced by Dr Reinhold Voll of Germany about thirty-years-ago and further developed by Dr Franz Morell. Almost any condition is believed to benefit from BRT ...
since it is based on the premise that every illness is a result of disharmonious oscillations in our body. It is a non-invasive, painless and safe system which is both diagnostic and therapeutic.

The Bioresonance Medical Centre in Jumeirah, is UAE’s first and only center, offering Bioresonance treatment, not only to residents but to a number of patients from Europe and the United States, says Dr Issa Salim, Consultant and Head of the Department of Bioresonance. City Times spent some time with Dr Issa Salim to find out more about BRT.

What is Bioresonance Therapy?
It is a gentle, computer-controlled oscillation therapy which stimulates the self-healing powers of the body and strengthens the body's own defences, without side effects. It's strength lies in the fact that it deals effectively with the hidden causes provoking disease without causing any adverse side effects. It can be safely used on all ages of people including children.

What is the basis on which this therapy is founded?
It is based on the idea that everything including our own body is made of energy. However, energy does not flow well all the time because of the electrical world we are living in, the very atmospheres we are living in. The various electrical and electronic gadgets such as microwaves, cell phones, TVs, computer monitors and electronic air waves, create “electro-smog” which throws out of balance, the highly-calibrated and complex internal electrical system. The aim of Bioresonance is to retune the body to support and strengthen its own healing mechanisms.

What are the ailments that can be healed with BRT?
BRT is very successful in treating almost all illnesses with varying results. Very often, results can be obtained where other methods or remedies have not been successful at all or could achieve nothing except slight relief. BRT can help deal with problems occasioned by toxins, pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, mercury from dental fillings, from all electrical and electronic gadgets. BRT has been very effective in dealing with acute and chronic allergic illnesses such as asthma, rashes, fever, gastric and digestive disorders, diseases of the internal organs, migraine, injuries, scars, jaw and teeth problems and problems of the nervous system.

Are there contraindications to the therapy?
We do not undertake treatment with BRT for two to three categories of patients. These include patients with pace makers in their heart, women in the first trimester of pregnancy and patients with the liver conditions Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

What about cancer patients?
BRT has made it possible for these people to lead a better quality of life in that it gives relief from the acute side effects of conventional cancer therapy.

How are problems diagnosed and treated under BRT?
When we are healthy, our bodies produce a smooth, regular oscillation. When the body is under stress, the pattern becomes jagged and irregular. The patient is seated comfortably on a chair with metal electrodes, usually brass, in their hand, under the feet or somewhere in their body. Leads connect this to the Bioresonance machine. Frequencies from various parts of the patient’s body are fed into the machine, using acupuncture points as aerials. Using this reference point, we measure the “substance”, which could be any allergen, air pollution, dust, fungus, heavy metal. The healthy oscillations are amplified or strengthened by the machine before being “played back” into the patient’s body. The unhealthy oscillations are modified and returned to the body as a mirror image, or inverted. Even medicines can be used as a part of the treatment.

The oscillation of the particular medicine could be returned to the patient. These medicines could be the conventional ones, herbs, homoeopathic remedies or whatever. They can be selected through Bioresonance wherein the ideal remedy “resonates” with the part of the body that needs treatment. The frequency of the medicine may be administered as a treatment or it may be taken in a normal manner.

Do patients feel any adverse sensations while undergoing treatment?
The electrical frequencies are very low and patients usually don’t feel anything at all, except perhaps a mild tingling sensation.

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