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CardioFlo to Treat Heart Ailments

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CardioFlo to the Rescue of Heart Patients

86 year old Pradhan, with a history of heart ailments and surgical procedures practically became immobile on account of his ill health. Fatigued enough, not to be even able to move around within his house, he was at his wits end when one of his friends told him about Dr.Antony and his new Ayurvedic drug CardioFlo. Willing to try anything, to get out from the rut he was in, Pradhan sought treatment with Dr.Antony. After 8 months of treatment with CardioFlo, Pradhan today is a happy manh, having received a new lease of life at the dusk of his life! He is up and about, performing the simple chores of routine for which he had to depend on his family earlier and he is even able to climbing a few flight of stairs without become tired or breathless!

The case of 55 year old Wing Commander Sunder is no different. Having undergone a bypass surgery in 1997, he was advised another in 2002. Fortunately for him, his brother who had heard about Dr.Antony and his wonder drug CardioFlo, suggested Sunder consult Dr.Antony before going in for a second surgical intervention. Convinced by Dr.Antony that CardioFlo would set his condition right, Sunder began therapy with CardioFlo. 15 days into the treatment, Sunder already began to see signs of improvement. At the end of seven months, he was completely relieved of his condition. A 2D Echocardiogram at the same military hospital where he was diagnosed as having re-blockages, now revealed no blockage at all!

These are only two of several thousands of cases successfully treated by Dr.Antony with his invention CardioFlo. Following 25 years of intensive research, and 15 years of trial on over 10, 000 cardiac patients, CardioFlo today, promises to be a revolution in the treatment and prevention of cardiac care in totality. Pune-based Ayurvedic physician Dr.Antony Joseph, its inventor, has received an international patent to market the drug in 172 countries across the globe! CardioFlo is presently being produced by Olive Health Care in Daman, a WHO-approved, manufacturing unit, at the very modest rate of about 3 lakh capsules per month, as against an expected demand of over three crores per month.

Explaining the basis of CardioFlo, Dr.Antony explains, “No Ayurvedic physician has tried to enter into this field so far, to treat cardiac ailments. When I talk of herbal cardiology, I see the cardiac function in a very simplified way. I see the heart as a myogenic organ, (muscular organ), an organ which functions as a pump. For this pump to function well, it needs to be lubricated and nourished well. Just as a normal pump burns out if it does not have sufficient water to pump, so also the heart develops problems if its blood supply is deficient in quantity or quality. So, in producing CardioFlo, I have given due importance to this aspect, by adding those herbal components in my preparation to sufficiently lubricate the heart through enriched blood supply.

Elaborating further, Dr.Antony reveals, “Here, I’m not treating only the heart; treatment is holistic. There is a definite interdependence among the various organs of the body. The heart is supported by so many organs and if I can improve the nourishment of these organs, I can treat the heart. This is my basic argument. The ingredients of CardioFlo help to detoxify the body, and enrich the blood with oxygen. The drug improves the functions of all the other organs of the body as well besides that of the heart.”

“As such, we have been treating all rejected cases in cardiology,” claims Dr.Antony. “Patients with multiple blocks following angiography have been treated successfully by CardioFlo. Patients with a low cardiac ejection fraction which cardiologists are afraid to handle, have been successfully treated by us with CardioFlo. In a given time, under given conditions, for a particular age, the human heart should pump a certain minimum amount of blood. If for some reason the heart cannot pump this minimum requirement of blood, you will have all the associated symptoms of breathlessness, suffocation, angina, weakness in the limbs and restlessness. The energy level of your body goes down, disabling you from doing routine work, climbing stairs and walking. These are the symptoms associated with a low cardiac ejection fraction. CardioFlo improves the ejection fractions within a period of one or more months as per the condition of the patients.”

“We treat all levels of cardiac conditions including genetic disorders,” says Dr.Antony. “My smallest patient is a 17 day old baby and the oldest is a 100 year old man. This baby was having a valvular disorder and a hole in the heart. The good and the bad blood mixed resulting in a blue baby. I treated the baby by directly administering two drops of CardioFlo – morning and evening and also indirectly through the mother’s milk by giving the mother 10 drops of CardioFlo – morning and evening. Within three months of treatment, the baby was fine and recently she celebrated her first birthday!”

Yet other areas of success with CardioFlo have been in the treatment of Ischemic heart disease (IHD) and valvular heart disease. Dr.Antony is reassuring and emphatic, “There is no need to go in for invasive techniques like valve replacement. Valves are naturally fitted in a particular muscle in our body, whether in the heart or elsewhere. So when the muscles are in good order, with proper nourishment, the valves function well. However, when these muscles harden, the valves will not work. This is happening because that particular muscle is not nourished. In the case of the cardiac valve dysfunction, once patients start taking CardioFlo, the muscles get the necessary nourishment and gradually the valves start functioning. So valvular disorder can not only be treated, but also prevented from happening in the first place.”

Elaborating on the condition, Dr.Antony explains, “Valvular problems or IHD usually happens over a period of 10 to 15 years. And we are gradually reversing these conditions in a period of two years! And that is a big achievement since no invasive technique has been able to achieve this. And as opposed to restrictions following surgical treatment, our patients who are on CardioFlo therapy, are kept mobile and sufficiently active through the period of medication! Also, we do not impose any kind of diet or other restrictions on them while they are on this medication. Also, we do not keep our patients on bed rest but recommend that they perform whatever activity they can. Most of our patients become normal symptomatically in a matter of about 15 days. This transformation cannot be created by any other medicine.”

What about patients with multiple blockages and more than 90% blockage of one or more blood vessels? Dr.Antony is equally reassuring on this: “When a patient is having even 100% block and/or multiple blocks, there will be collateral support to keep the heart functioning. With CardioFlo alone, I have successfully treated many patients with multiple blocks and even 100% blocks of their major coronary blood vessels. In one particular instance, a 36 year old came to me with multiple blocks of 100%, 95%, 60%. His Ejection Fraction was only 40% and he could not pursue his normal daily activities. A 2D Echo study was done on him which revealed there was only 42% blood supply and all his valves and heart chambers were found to be abnormal. A lipid profile test was also done which showed high levels of LDL and triglyceride and a low level of HDL. He was also found to be a borderline diabetic. We treated this patient for 90 days with CardioFlo. Within a month, he became significantly normal in terms of all these cardiac and lipid parameters and he was able to get back to a decent routine. At the end of 90 days, he was completely normal and a 2 D Echo revealed all the parameters had become normal and very much within permissible limits. He began to have a normal ejection fraction. Even the blood sugar level was maintained normally! This 90 day achievement on a patient with such conditions, cannot be accomplished by any modern science treatment – invasive or otherwise, except our medicine!! This is our claim!”

Toxicity studies done on the drug reveal that it is suitable for being dispensed on any age of patients including infants and children. Semecarpus anacardium is one of the most important components of this preparation which also contains garlic and ginger as the other important ingredients. Adequate care has been taken to separate all the toxic elements from these individual components before combining them in various proportions in a castor oil base.

The efficacy of CardioFlo in emergency and critical cardiac conditions as in heart attacks and cardiac arrests, is yet to be tried. This would necessarily require the co-operation of cardiologists in hospitals and some cardiac surgeons have evinced interest in the drug. But Dr.Antony is confident that it is only a matter of time before doctors of conventional medicine will extend their help in this direction in the interest of their patients and he is certain that CardioFlo will be seen as a true revolution in total cardiac care, a drug that has the potential to obviate any form of cardiac surgical intervention!

Besides a curative, the huge potential of CardioFlo lies in the fact of its being a preventive for heart and related disorders. Just about anyone, with or without a heart condition, at risk or without risk of heart ailments, hypertensives, individuals who are constantly under stress, even students and small children can safely take this medicine as a preventive since it does not have any harmful side effects, emphasizes Dr.Antony. “In fact we have tried the liquid form of this medicine in children and found it to be very effective in boosting their memory and making them more energetic and active.”

CardioFlo is presently being marketed in 300 mg capsules, but very soon the next generation of the medicine in 200 mg capsules will begin to be marketed. Keeping up the pace of his research work, Dr.Antony hopes to ‘invent’ a drug more potent than CardioFlo, to treat Ischemic Heart Disease alone – potent in terms of bringing about the desired effects in a much shorter period of time than CardioFlo does at present, reveals the doctor.


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